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About Jamaica2Go.

Jamaica is famous for its beautiful beaches, warm smiles and reggae music. But this is just a small part of our rich cultural and natural heritage. Jamaica is home to a very unique and dynamic intangible culture.

Jamaica2Go aims to bring to life the beauty and wonder of this culture in a way not seen before.

Many destinations do not feature heavily in the traditional advertising campaigns, lacking the capacities and resources to do their own marketing. Visitors to the island, and even local residents, often miss a great opportunity to discover these hidden gems – locales that showcase our historical journey and artistic talents, as well as our musical and geographical diversity.

The primary purpose of this website is to highlight these Jamaican attractions and events. We believe you’ll find here locations you’ve never heard about, and hope you now make them mandatory on your vacation list.

Jamaica2Go is designed around a visual experience. The imagery of Jamaica is the focus, as evidenced in our beautiful full-screen sliders. Indeed, information is presented atop the images, but rather than shoehorning photos among text descriptions, the site allows you to enjoy a full-screen view of our breath-taking island with a single click. If you are viewing on a desktop computer or laptop, for each destination page, blog post or event review post, simply click on the [x] in the top right-hand corner of the screen to hide the content window and view the associated images. To return to the content, click the [+] icon  in the same location. Tablets and smartphones don’t display these icons, as they show the images at the top of the page and you can swipe down to view the content.

Visitor reviews are welcomed and encouraged. Comments are linked directly to Facebook and you can rate locations or events, as well as share via your favourite social media websites using the icons on the right of the screen. The icons at the bottom of the screen Jamaica2Go Social Media Icons are links to our own social media pages.

Go ahead, enjoy the view! We certainly enjoyed capturing them.